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7 Chakra Meanings
The human body has an energetic aspect to it that may not be visible or known to some people.

Indian and eastern healing modalities have come to recognize and label this energy under different names such as prana, chi and more.

Chakras, on the other hand, are wheels of energy that are located in strategic areas of the body.

They help redirect energy to where it’s needed, helping different organs work the way they should as well as making sure that the body as whole is primed and ready to protect itself from any kind of assault, whether physical, spiritual or energetic.

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First Chakra: Root Chakra

There are 7 types of chakras that are spread out from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The first one is the root chakra and it is associated with the primal need for survival and security. It governs areas such as your sexual organs, the kidneys and intestines. It is represented by the color red, and it is usually the first one to suffer a hit should anything wrong with your body’s systems.

First Chakra: Sacral Chakra

The second type is the sacral chakra, located just below the navel, stretching all the way down to your lower abdomen. It is represented by the color orange, and it governs organs such as the large intestines and the bladder. This chakra is responsible for sexual power, the ability to be vulnerable and creative.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra number three is the solar plexus chakra, located below the rib cage. Represented by the color yellow, this chakra provides you with a will to succeed and is home to your ego and sense of self.

What Are Chakras

Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, also known as anahata. Represented by the color green, this chakra is responsible for the ability to be compassionate, loving and forgiving. It also is tied to the immune and circulatory systems, and it can help you connect with your intuition.

Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, represented by the color blue. When it’s working as it should, you are able to speak your truth without fear, you are a good communicator who can hold any crowd’s attention, and you are tactful, inspiring, adventurous and loyal.

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, represented by the color indigo. If you’ve always had good instincts and can suss out people before they even open their mouths, you have a balanced sixth chakra. This chakra is responsible for fearlessness, practicality, idealism and the need to seek out the truth.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, and it is represented by a purple flower with a thousand petals. This chakra connects you to the universal source energy and gives you an idea of the infinite nature of time and space. Spirituality comes into the human body and mind through the seventh chakra, and the dissolution of the ego as well as the recognition of the interconnectedness of everything can be found in the crown chakra. It governs the pituitary gland located deep in the brain, and it can be awakened by regular meditation.

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