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Reiki Levels Of Attunement
Reiki is a Japanese system of healing the mind, body, and spirit through uses of energies that are present in all living things. It uses a series of hand placements over or onto various chakras of the body to promote healing. It also uses symbols to enhance the power of the Reiki that is performed. There are 3 levels of Reiki practitioners. At Level 2, the use of symbols begins. These symbols are given to the student from the Reiki Master when the Master feels the student is ready for them.

Reiki is a natural and safe method by which individuals can achieve self-improvement and healing. It is based on Life Force Energy and was founded by Mikao Usui. The student starts out at Level 1. This level is available to anyone.

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Attunement Level 1…

This level is the starting point. Anyone can learn to perform Reiki during Level 1. This is an initiation stage where the student is introduced to the concept of universal energy. This is known as the physical level with 80-90% of this level being physical in nature. The main focus here is on opening the channels of energy. This attunement brings the student into the realm of Reiki and its uses. This is also the level at which the student works through their own issues and any obstacles that may have brought them to Reiki.

Attunement Level 2…

Level 2 Reiki opens the energy channels even further. The amount of energy a student can channel is increased and the focus may move toward healing others as well as the self. Students also receive symbols at this level. These symbols are the power symbol, the mental symbol and the distance symbol. These are used to allow the practitioners to connect on a deeper level to the universal energy.

Attunement Level 3…

Level 3 Reiki is known to some as the Master level. Others see the Master level as a separate, higher level. This level increases the ability to channel energy even further. Students work on a more spiritual level and learn that each person is in charge of his own destiny.   At this level, a student may find his true path in life.

Levels Of Reiki


Reiki involves a commitment from the student to improve the self. It uses Universal Energy to heal and to create harmony and balance. Reiki can turn the lower, negative vibrations into higher, positive vibrations. It allows the body to heal by healing the mind and moving toward a more spiritual purpose.

Students progress through various levels as they learn more and become more proficient at channeling the Universal Energy. Reiki works on the principle that all life contains energies. These energies can be changed and channeled in such a way as to turn the negative into positive.

This, coupled with the student’s dedication to improving, can bring about a more harmonious existence for the practitioner and others.

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