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Reiki Healing Symbols
Once you reach the Second and Master level of Reiki, you will learn about the Special Sacred Reiki symbols.

These are passed from Master to Master, and are designed to attune others into Reiki.

These symbols are used for protection and healing. They are designed to help focus your attention to connect you with specific healing frequencies to boost the Reiki energy.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Reiki healing symbols and at how they are used during the healing process.

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Cho Ku Ray

Pronounced “choh-koo-ray”, this is known as The Power Symbol. It means: “God and Man Coming Together” or “I have the key.”

The symbol is designed to increase power. It draws energy from the area around you and focuses it where you want.

Draw the sign over yourself or your client. Say the words, “Cho Ku Rei” three times, to yourself, silently. This all-purpose symbol can be used anywhere, for anything, including:

  • Spiritual protection
  • Clear negative energies
  • On the spot treatments
  • Aiding manifestation
  • Empowering other Reiki symbols

If you’re using the symbols on yourself, reverse it. It’s a good idea to start the healing session with this symbol, as well as any time additional power is needed.

Sei Hei Ki

Pronounced say-hay-key, this is known as the Mental or Emotional Symbol. It means “God and Man Coming Together” or “The Key to the Universe.” It is useful for a number of mental and emotional issues, and can help calm the mind. This can be used for:

  • Healing traumas
  • Balancing right and left brain
  • Clearing emotional blockages
  • Removing negative energies

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Pronounced Hanh-shah-zay-show-nen, this is known as the distance symbol. It means “The God in Me Greets the God In You to Promote Enlightenment and Peace.” This symbol is used when Reiki is being sent over distance and/or time, and can be used to send to anyone or anything.

Tam A Ra Sha

Pronounced tam-ara-sha, this is known as the Balancing Factor. It is used to balance and unblock energies. When signed over painful areas of the body, it helps to provide relief.

Dai Ki Myo

Pronounced dye-ko-me-o, this is known as the Master Symbol. It is the most powerful symbol and only those who are Reiki masters can use it. It is used to heal the soul, disease, and illness. It helps people reach enlightenment and peace, while increasing their psychic and intuitive abilities.

Reiki Stone

Activating the Reiki Symbols

There are several ways to activate the symbols, including:

  • Drawing them with the center of your palm.
  • Drawing them with your fingers.
  • Visualizing them
  • Drawing them with your third eye.
  • Spelling the name of the symbol, three times.

You are free to choose whatever activation method you want, but the intent is what counts.

Where to Apply the Symbols During a Healing

The symbols should be placed on your own hands, and then re-draw or visualize the symbols on: the client’s hands, the client’s crown chakra, and any known areas to be treated.

As you practice the symbols, the symbols themselves won’t be as important, as you’ll change your focus to the intent of the energies.

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