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Crown Chakra Healing
The crown chakra is perhaps the most mystical of all chakras.

Located at the top of the head, it sits like a crown, governing the pituitary gland.

It is represented by the color purple or white, and its pictorial presentation is that of a purple flower with a thousand petals.

In today’s guide we’ll be talking a closer look at how the crown chakra works as well as giving you some simple but powerful tips for healing and crown chakra effectively.

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It’s said that time and the universe are limitless, and that it’s possible to wrap one’s mind around this concept as long as we are able to connect to the crown chakra. In addition, the crown chakra is associated with the Source or God energy, and it is able to connect us to a universal knowledge that can help separate us from the ties and labels of the world, enabling us to see what the true nature of life is.

Crown Chakra

Symptoms of an Underdeveloped Crown Chakra:

An underdeveloped crown chakra usually manifests itself as close-mindedness and cynicism about life. Individuals with a blocked crown chakra may also have a hard time letting go of the need to intellectualize everything and may want to look for logical answers to all the mysterious things they may encounter in life. In addition, a malfunctioning crown chakra may put you in the peculiar state of obsession with spirituality and spiritual matters, as well as the need to want to get away from an environment that seems too stimulating when it comes to harsh light and sounds. Mystical depression, chronic exhaustion and disorders of the muscular system all show up when there is an imbalance of the crown chakra.

A healthy crown chakra, on the other hand, allows us to be stellar humanitarians that make it easy to see how we’re all interconnected. On top of that, we may have a highly developed sense of ethics and personal values that we won’t compromise for anyone or anything. A healthy crown chakra also leads us down the path of spirituality, connecting us to the divine source energy that is also known as God. We are able to build an identity that’s not connected to outside things, and we are more likely to trust others and give of ourselves in a selfless manner.

Here are a couple of things you can do to balance your crown chakra:

  1. Give up fluoride. This substance is found in treated water as well as toothpaste, and it has the potential to calcify the pituitary gland. Opt for fluoride-free toothpaste, and look into purchasing soft water that’s not been treated using harsh chemicals.
  2. Take time out to meditate at least once a day. This helps you build a connection with the Source in a gradual fashion. The meditation you perform doesn’t have to be attached to a particular religious doctrine; whichever religion or God you subscribe will be right for you.
  3. Let go of attachment to things and titles since these are what make us develop an ego that is unhealthy. You need to realize that your essence is not who you are or how much you make or even where you live. You are a valid member of the universe that can be the best they can be regardless of these trappings.

At the end of the day, balancing your crown chakra can go a long way in ensuring that prana moves through your body the way it should.

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